Monday 4 June 2012

Ok, let's go rescue Sandy!


Quite some news, on these first days of June !

I'm kind of fed up with personal work right now, so why not offering my talents around (I heard I have a few hidden ones!) That's how I met the Vampire Games team, which is currently working on Meteor Mess 3D, a point&click adventure, and could use some animation skills to complete it.

The game is a remake of the mother of all point&click adventures: Maniac Mansion, developed by Ron Gilbert and the Lucasarts team in 1987. It features a group of teenagers (as usual!), who are trying to rescue a poor cheerleader from a creepy mansion, filled with a crazy family, mutant tentacles, an evil meteor and many other unpleasant surprises. The player will enjoy mind-breaking puzzles in a black comedy atmosphere.

Vampire Games is a team of passionate people from all around the world who have been working for a few years on a 3D version of Maniac Mansion, including new features and mini-games. The project should be released this year for free and a lot of fans are waiting to re-discover this adventure.

Many game features are already finished, yet the characters could need some polishing. Indeed, they are the central point of the adventure! Starting with improved 3D meshes and animations. Therefore, my job is to design a rig for each character and use it to create a complete set of required animations (idle, walk, pick-up, scratching nuts, and so on)

Sounds great! I always dreamed to work on a Lucasarts game!

I just started working on Razor, first rig and animations are visible in my Projects.
You can follow the development on the Game Website or its Facebook Page.