Nickname People call me the Cheeseman. Maybe cause I'm French, maybe cause I love raclette... Hopefully not because of the smell!

Age I'm a 1984 kid, that makes me years old. But like red wine, I only get better with time!

Position I am the Pipeline Technical Director at SehSucht in Berlin, Germany. Hey, maybe soon working for you!

Graduated I have a master of science in digital signal and picture processing. But I still can't use that damn microwave properly :(

One film that changed everything Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. I remember standing up and shouting:
Then they threw me out, cause you don't yell in the cinema!

Favourite Movie Pixar and Laika for animation. Hitchcock, Tarentino, Fincher, Nolan or Jeunet's movies for the crazy atmosphere. And Jurassic Parc, of course!

Favourite Games I am a huge fan of point&clicks and adventure games like Broken Sword, Gray Matter, Siberia, Heavy Rain and of course the good ol' LUCASARTS...

Favourite Books There is always a book in my bag, usually a fantasy or thriller story: Dickens, Eliade, King, Lovecraft, Poe, A. Christie, J.C. Grangé. I'm a big fan of time travels and no-exit themes.

Favourite Hobbies I'm a trail runner, I love to put my shoes on after work and loose myself in the wild, no planing, no thinking. I play blues harmonica too, although some wouldn't call it playing...

Goal in life I am a humble person, who focuses on the little things that really matter: My amazing wife, my 2 little champs, my friends and family. For the rest, if I find some spare time to run a marathon, play harmonica or fix that damn python script, I'm the happiest man on earth!