Wednesday 25 July 2012

I'm pregnant !


Just kidding, I'm not pregnant ;)

Boy that can be an awkward line to say, especially to the future dad and moreover if he's acting like a jerk about it! Well, why don't we have a look at it in my last lipsinc?

Source: How I Met Your Mother © CBS
Cobie Smulders (Robin) and Neil Patrick Harris (Barney)
Soft: Maya 2012 - Rig: Morpheus, by Josh Burton

Monday 4 June 2012

Ok, let's go rescue Sandy!


Quite some news, on these first days of June !

I'm kind of fed up with personal work right now, so why not offering my talents around (I heard I have a few hidden ones!) That's how I met the Vampire Games team, which is currently working on Meteor Mess 3D, a point&click adventure, and could use some animation skills to complete it.

The game is a remake of the mother of all point&click adventures: Maniac Mansion, developed by Ron Gilbert and the Lucasarts team in 1987. It features a group of teenagers (as usual!), who are trying to rescue a poor cheerleader from a creepy mansion, filled with a crazy family, mutant tentacles, an evil meteor and many other unpleasant surprises. The player will enjoy mind-breaking puzzles in a black comedy atmosphere.

Vampire Games is a team of passionate people from all around the world who have been working for a few years on a 3D version of Maniac Mansion, including new features and mini-games. The project should be released this year for free and a lot of fans are waiting to re-discover this adventure.

Many game features are already finished, yet the characters could need some polishing. Indeed, they are the central point of the adventure! Starting with improved 3D meshes and animations. Therefore, my job is to design a rig for each character and use it to create a complete set of required animations (idle, walk, pick-up, scratching nuts, and so on)

Sounds great! I always dreamed to work on a Lucasarts game!

I just started working on Razor, first rig and animations are visible in my Projects.
You can follow the development on the Game Website or its Facebook Page.

Thursday 24 May 2012

Welcome to the Reel world


Quite some changes since last month, I didn't waste my time counting my toes!

First, I reorganized my Projects, keeping only the profesional and some good ones. My old animations like Lily's Escape or Character Hunter are still visible on my Youtube Channel.

Then, I offered my Gallery a fresh new design. I throw half of it away and only kept my best shots. I organized everything under clear thumbnails, et voilà :)

And last but not least, I updated my Reel with my last projects, thanks to the many good advices I got from recruters. Enjoy!

Demo Reel Breakdown available here.
See the Reel section for an up-to-date version of my Reel.

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Death smiles at us all


Almost a month without a single message, I apologize to all my fan(s?)!

For my defense, I have been pretty busy filling up my Gallery with new animations, as usual:
A jumping loop for The Goon, a reload fail of a Sniper and some new moves for my US marine that I'll finish asap.

And last but not least... A new lipsync animation I've been working on this week-end, from my favourite character, in The Book of Unwritten Tales.

Enjoy! I'll put them on Facebook too, since I get more comments there...

Cheer up, it's tuesday! Have a nice week ;)

Soft: 3ds Max, After Effects, Photoshop
Rig: Max, by Peter Starostin
Game: The Book of Unwritten Tales by King Art Games

Thursday 22 March 2012

Hello Nath, I wanna play a game...


I just noticed two days ago that my gallery was such a mess, so I reorganized everything!

I added a new category: Game, that I intend to fill up with video-game oriented animations, mostly realistic (next-gen, AAA): Move cycles, jumps, attacks, nose-picking and so on, from a wide range of characters, animals and monsters.

I'll try to put a new one every other day until I get a great job ;)

In the meanwhile, here are the first ones. Enjoy!

Friday 16 March 2012

Born to rig


A short message to all my fan(s?):

I just added a "Rigs" section in the gallery, where I'll put my personal rigging/skinning work. For now you'll find the CAT Girl I've posted before, as well as another CAT Rig I've just finished.

As always, comments are much welcome, here or on Facebook.

Have a nice week-end ;)

Friday 9 March 2012

All I want for Christmas (huh?) is you...

Howdy everybody

March already, and nothing really new out there. Our two first mobile games developped at Agopia are looking quite good:
  • "Rays", the first one, is finished and available on the Android market and the Apple store.
  • The second, "Zombie Mayhem" should be released by the end of the month, I'll keep you in touch and add the two projects in my portfolio later.

Otherwise, as I have some spare time now and then, I started a little serie of lipsync animations from one of my all-time favourite movie: Love Actually!

I know it's not Christmas, but the movie's just great! My goal would be to do an animation for each key character of the film... And there are quite a lot!
I started with Judy and a wonderful scene.

There's more to come, so keep visiting ;)

Soft: Maya, After Effects
Rig: The Goon, by Sean Burgoon
Movie: Love Actually (Richard Curtis, 2003)

Monday 20 February 2012

Curiosity killed the CAT


End of February coming, I can't believe I just turned 28! I'm getting too old for this s**t ;)

Week-end in Berlin for a job interview. Still impress how great the city is, I really have to get a job there!

New project added to the gallery: I found a 3D game model on the Internet, added a CAT Skeleton, skinned it and animated it using various techniques, like Keyframe and Procedural Animation, Blending between cycles and exporting to Unity game engine.

I enjoy working with CAT, really handy and highly adaptable to any model. I'll post more animations including animals and weapons asap.

See you soon :)

Tuesday 31 January 2012

Animation Showreel 2011


This is a huge day in the history of myself (not that anybody cares, but I do!)


I gathered here everything presentable I've done so far, mainly during the last year:
Professional and personal projects, realistic and cartoon animations, lipsyncs, etc.
I let you enjoy this marvel!

There is still some tweaking to do, so as always, comments are most welcome, especially the bad reviews!


Demo Reel Breakdown available here.
See the Reel section for an up-to-date version of my Reel.

Wednesday 18 January 2012

A Dark Night


Promises are made to be kept, here's my second MTA, with some lipsync work. Haven't seen the first one? Well, hurry up, it's in the gallery!

The principle is simple:

1) Watch a great movie
2) Find a kicking extract
3) Stand up and yell: "I've GOT to animate this!"
4) Do it
5) Put it on your blog so people can say the original looks much better!

It's getting cold out there so you all take care of you ;)

Soft: Maya, After Effects, Photoshop
Rig: Morpheus, by Josh Burton
Movie: The Blues Brothers (John Landis, 1980)

Monday 16 January 2012

Playing Cowboys and Indians


...and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!

2012 is gonna be awesome, with hopefully a new job, great challenges and loads of animations ;)

Let's begin with a few realistic animations I performed for a test last week. I like the cowboy, he's a tough but funny guy!

There's more to come so keep on visiting. And don't forget to leave me a comment or two, if you wanna see the indian kicking the cowboy's ass or if you think I should really learn how to dance the tango (true story)!