Friday 9 March 2012

All I want for Christmas (huh?) is you...

Howdy everybody

March already, and nothing really new out there. Our two first mobile games developped at Agopia are looking quite good:
  • "Rays", the first one, is finished and available on the Android market and the Apple store.
  • The second, "Zombie Mayhem" should be released by the end of the month, I'll keep you in touch and add the two projects in my portfolio later.

Otherwise, as I have some spare time now and then, I started a little serie of lipsync animations from one of my all-time favourite movie: Love Actually!

I know it's not Christmas, but the movie's just great! My goal would be to do an animation for each key character of the film... And there are quite a lot!
I started with Judy and a wonderful scene.

There's more to come, so keep visiting ;)

Soft: Maya, After Effects
Rig: The Goon, by Sean Burgoon
Movie: Love Actually (Richard Curtis, 2003)

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