Monday 4 March 2013

I'm still alive !


Wow, first message in the last 8 months, it's been a long time! "Old Nath is dead as a door-nail" I bet you all thought. But I'm not :)

My life had become a little too quiet for my adventurer soul, so I decided to shake things up: If I want a job in Berlin, let's first move there! And here I am, just moved out from my dear France to this wild and untamed city.

Eight months, that's quite enough time to move out twice and I surely could have written now and then, you would say. Well, I wasn't just sitting around twiddling my thumbs! Last September, I quit unemployment to start my own little company of one! That's right, now I'm the Lead AND the junior artist, I'm the boss AND the trainee, I'm everyone!

And my first client is no other than a little game studio I applied at a few months ago and whose games I love: King Art! They asked for my help on a series of cut-scenes and in-game animations for their last promising title: The Raven (Der Rabe), a stunning fast-paced point and click adventure. I worked 3 months for them, really nice project. I can't wait for the game to be released, so I'm allowed to show some of my work. In the meantime, you can enjoy the teaser below and more info on the game website.

At the beginning of December, I left The Raven for a second freelance project I really couldn't wait to start working on: My first TV cartoon! MotionWorks, a German animation studio, contacted me last summer to take part in a 3D cartoon "Raketenflieger Timmi", for the children's television programme "Sandmann". I will work on the project until May and fully animate 4 or 5 complete episodes. I'm currently right in the middle of this exhausting but truly rewarding project, which is boosting my animation skills.

And I must be a little crazy, because I am still spending my spare time on Meteor Mess 3D, the cooperative remake we do of the good'ol Maniac Mansion. I finished rigging and animating Dave, Razor and Bernard (new shots in the Projects section), and I'm starting on the tentacles!

That's all folks! I'm currently tweaking my resume and filling up applications, as I am planing to find soon a full-time position, in one of the many great studios Berlin counts. Wish me good luck...

And if you are one of theese studios hiring, give me a call :)

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